For Groupe ADP, ethics and compliance include the adherence to the laws and regulations of the countries where the group is present, and to values.

Furthermore, Groupe ADP became a signatory of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact in 2003.

In order to effect changes in procedures, ethics and compliance must first be firmly anchored in cultural change. Each employee commits to this cultural change by applying Groupe ADP’s values in their daily working life.

Having good ethics impulse keeps on track!


Signing an employment contract (open-ended, fixed-term, an apprenticeship, etc.) binds both the employee and the employer to a duty of loyalty which requires that both parties behave with integrity in the execution of their work.


  • Throughout the term of the work contract, during stoppages or leave, and during holidays,

  • To all employees in all positions,

  • With the exception of any work contract clauses to the contrary

This duty covers a wide range of actions which might cause unlawful harm to one of the parties, carried out by either the employee (do not harm or disparage your employer, customers, suppliers, partners etc., do not disclose confidential information, do not take up a competing job without prior authorization, and so on) or the employer (pay wages owed and stick to deadlines, provide employees with the agreed-upon job, provide employees with sufficient resources to carry out the work expected of them, and so on).

Ethics and compliance are a driver of trust and therefore performance for our Group and its stakeholders! They account for 12 - 18% of our extra-financial rating, which has a direct impact on our capacity for growth.

Each employee must bean active participant in this process and act as an ambassador for our culture of ethics when dealing with our stakeholders.

This is why Groupe ADP is deploying a global programme in which information, awareness and training will act as key tools to help you to implement an approach in your daily working life.

Ethics and compliance are an imponderable for Groupe ADP and must be our trademark in our business.

Our rules on ethics and compliance are an integral part of our internal rules. They rest on three fundamental principles that must guide our work: responsibility, integrity, and respect.

They must be embraced and applied by all employees, regardless of position or level, and by anyone acting on behalf or in the name of our company. Employees must also ensure that the people under their responsibility comply with the principles.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to disciplinary action.

It is therefore very important to discuss any sensitive situations with your managers or with the Ethics & Compliance officer. Reflecting on and discussing these issues are crucial steps in developing the right reflexes, finding appropriate solutions, detecting potentially risky situations, and escalating them properly. Together, we can help the company to grow and to evolve.

Our involvement keeps on track!